Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cape Breton may be an island unto itself but its artisans are not. We are a community of individuals: weavers, painters, glass artisans, potters, wood workers, and those whose work cannot be fit into such tidy categories. Though the media and techniques we use vary, our passion for what we do draws us together. And come together we do -- to engage, to motivate, to inspire and support, and especially to collaborate, enriching our work and our lives in the process.

Below is a list of blogs recounting our inspirations, motivations, and collaborations with others. On these pages you will find images of our latest work, notices about upcoming shows and events, musings on the creative impulse, thoughts about living where we do - everything that makes us who we are: people who create beauty with our hands that rivals the beauty of our island home.

The most recent post from each blog is shown. Following any of the links will take you to that artisan's individual blog page.